What I Learned During Work Experience at a Brikshya Technologies

October 24, 2019


After finishing college most of young graduates prepare to work and study abroad but it was not my case. I wanted to gather as much as work experience and different sets of skills as I can for future references. So I ended up as an intern in Brikshya technologies.

I was lucky to hear about Brikshya technologies from my teacher at college. I made an inquiry call about vacancies and I was happy to hear they are currently hiring new requites.  I sent an email detailing how I had heard about the opportunity with a covering letter attached. In this, I mentioned that I recently graduate at university, what course I was doing and why I wished to carry out work experience there.

Lucky me it was my 1st day at renowned software company in my city, after all the briefing and discussion about the working environment and other necessary details. I joined as an intern and I was given flexible time to learn.

How I did My Internship.

I spent fair amount of time learning about all the necessary things and components required to work for real project. To do so I did projects assigned specially for new requites which are both challenging, very learning and fun to do. After completing my 1st project as intern I did another one right away as to see how far has my skills grown and me myself I was fairly satisfied and learned there's more to do than just this. I learned my flaws and started working on improving them. Again I did new project to test my skills and I completed that project with as much professionalism as much as I can and found out that there's more to improve.

My First Real Project.

So far all of my projects were to test my abilities and improve flaws. Now I get to work on real deal. Very 1st project which is at utmost importance to my and thing I wanted to do from my view since the day one was assigned to me. It was then I got to work with all the members with full collaboration and strict supervisions with real testing and standards. Working on a project with full collaboration is different from working alone and doing as you please. There are a lots of things you should keep in mind and comes the responsibility part which you cannot skip. Over all I experienced working in group is fun and much more efficient and good for team.