School of Health and Allied Sciences, Pokhara University


Pokhara University

Project Date

Oct 04,2019


Photography, Web Design, Web Development,

It is an absolute honor to get a chance to do a project of one of the leading universities of Nepal, The Pokhara University of health and allied science. The school of health and allied science focuses on the study of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. A University which focuses on teaching young students on the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences field is crucial part in development of nation, to bring them in the highlights and promote them all over the word this project was absolute.

The website of school of health and allied science is one of our finest work with full of features that allows the university to express and shine to fullest. With long hard work and dedication of our professional developers and designers we bring you website of School of Health and Allied Science, Pokhara University.


We choose the simplest approach of software development, the Waterfall model with simple modifications to it adding simplicity and flexibility to fullest.

Our first step is as always gathering information like the purpose, main goal and targeted audiences.

 After that we made sitemap and wireframe creation.

After everything was approved by our client, we proceeded with the task of designing page layouts, approval and the actual work flow/cycle.

And finally we went for coding and after that we   proceeded with the testing and review part and when everything was good we launched the site.

At last comes the crucial part of maintaining and updating the site so it stays safe and continues functioning.


The website of School of health and Allied Sciences, Pokhara University is full of simple to complex features.

The first and foremost responsive to every device from cellphone to desktop along with fastest loading time.

The basic function freedom of unlimited customization of menus and posts and pages.

Entrance form- which allows interested and capable students to join the university.

The contact form and google map pointing exact location of the university.

The category function that separates the differences in programs, faculty, staffs and alumni.