Magic Planet Gold (Czech Republic)


Magic Planet Gold (Czech Republic)

Project Date

Nov 01,2019


Web Design, Web Development,

Magic Planet Gold is one of our early international client. With the help of this project we were able to leave our stamp on international market proving we are competitive and professional team. Magic Planet Gold is by far one of the most luxurious projects we have done so far with all the unique features and really awesome designs and layout.

As international project we faced new challenges like, how this project should look and function and what are the online trends and what is considered fashionable according to client’s country. After research, many hours of search and discussion with our client we were able to deliver a master piece project to our client which will make you start living healthy.


Like always we want our project to be clean and clear all the time so our clients can understand and we can work effortlessly. We choose the simplest and most efficient way of software development life cycle for this project with added flexibility.

Our first step is as always gathering information like the purpose, main goal and targeted audiences.

 After that we made luxurious sitemap and wire-frame according our clients need.

After everything was approved by our client, we proceeded with the task of designing page layouts.

And finally we went for coding and after that we   proceeded with the testing and review part and when everything was good we launched the site.

At last comes the crucial part of maintaining and updating the site so it stays safe and continues functioning.


The first and foremost responsive to every device from cellphone to desktop along with fastest loading time.

The basic function freedom of unlimited customization of menus, posts, blogs and pages.

Gallery Function, which allows user to add unlimited gallery and images in organized way and integration of social media.

The contact form and google map pointing exact location of the Magic Planet Gold.

The category function that separates the differences in services, departments ,gallery and blogs.

The Magic Planet Gold is one of its kind, totally unique and luxurious of its own league. This project proved us that we can do luxurious projects for our clients, according to our clients needs even if there are language barrier. With the help of this project we became more confident and proficient in our works without a doubt extending our market.